Happy Even After Divorce:

Navigating the Emotions of Divorce
Let Me Walk You Through The Journey To Your Happy Even After
What You Will Learn On This FREE Masterclass
Secret #1
Life after divorce can be beautiful...but only if you change the story you are telling yourself.
Secret #2
The Freedom Framework is YOUR path to emotional victory.

Secret #3
Spiraling into the emotional pitfall of divorce will keep you stuck.
After this Masterclass, you will be able to identify the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and you will absolutely be able to manage your emotions throughout your divorce. 
Meet Your Host
Hi! I’m Renee Bauer.
I’ve spent almost 2 decades as a divorce attorney, and in that time I’ve helped hundreds of people transition successfully to life after divorce. But, not only do I live in this space professionally, I also have been divorced and I intimately know what divorce looks and feels like. Every emotion you are feeling right now…at some point or other, I’ve felt it too.⁣

 After witnessing so many women getting stuck in conflict and chaos, I decided to create a solution.

It is my mission, my purpose, and my mantra to help you get out the other side and step into your Happy Even After.
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